Vishaka Nakshatra Vishaka Nakshatra

“Kumkumarchitha  , anudhina  sevitha,Vaishaka  devi  , sahaya  kripe”

Star   who worships  with Kumkuma , who is served  daily,Oh Vaishakha devi, Please  take mercy and help me

Vishaka Nakshatra: Range 20°00’ Libra – 03°20’ Scorpio.

Ruling Planet: Jupiter.

Deity: God of fire.

Symbol: Archway, potter’s wheel.

Vishaka Nakshatra comes under in the domain of planet Venus ( libra ) and mars ( Scorpio) ruled by planet Jupiter. Vishaka is the sixteenth Nakshatra called ‘’The Star of Purpose’’. It resides in the constellation of Libra and consists of four star-forming scales while extending towards the sign of the scorpion. This nakshatra called ‘’the forked’’ or two-branched’’. The symbol ‘’two branches’’ means that natives often offered two different paths in life, and they have to make a conscious choice to stay on the right one. The other symbols associated with Vishakha are an archway or triumphal gateway decorated leaves a potter’s wheel. The potter’s wheel as a symbol of the nakshatra represents the great turmoil and whirlwind produced by this influence. The symbolism points to a transformation in life and moving towards the spiritual path. The Deities of Vishakha are Indra and Agni. Indra is the Sanskrit word “indriyas”, or senses. so there is the ability to master control over one’s senses. Controlling one’s senses is essential to achieve higher states of spiritual evolution. Indra achieved his power through self-sacrifice and deep meditation. Agni is the God of the fire, and burning desire is the theme of transformation. The three-quarters of Vishakha within Libra provide affluence, comfort, and the pleasant experiences of life, which all come under the domain of Indra, the king of the gods and ruler of heaven. In the last quarter of the asterism, falling in Scorpio is full of trials and tribulations which are essential for every kind of transformation. Jupiter is the ruling planet which gives enthusiasm, faith, optimism, and hope for the future and reflecting the deep connection with one’s soul purpose.

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