Venus Venus

Venus, beauty of the universe

She stood tall and majestic

Her femininity is set to the sensuous curves

Hiding under the fullness of her breast.

She places her utmost virtue of self-esteem.

Amazed by her grace, gorgeous in every way

But the vital elements unseen.

She is not just flesh and bones of triviality.

In her quiet murmurs, she roars like a lioness.

With strength as her unbreakable demeanour

She is an altruistic lady with opinions

With Layers of deep thoughts and feelings.

Deceptively vibrant to tantalise your vision.

Behind her smile lurks pain,

Her secret core is well concealed.

Deep in her soul veiled by a sneer

With the color of honor and grace.

She sweats and she bleeds

With a fragrance that pierces the senses

Under the harsh glare of entanglements

She remains Focused and determined

With a secret desire of being adored The real woman in her

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