Vayu Vayu

“Chakrini  , Raga  vivardhani ,Jnana maya   swathi devi , sahaya  kripe”

Oh, a star who increases the interest of wife of Indra, OH Swathi Devi filled with knowledge, Please take mercy and help me

Deity: Vayu

Sign(s)/Degrees: 6:40 20:00Libra

Ruler: Rahu Vayu who is the god of the wind is just like the wind that moves in the sky, and it moves in your mind as well. It is related to thoughts and big powerful ideas. The god that is often associated with this Nakshatra is Hanuman who is the son of Vayu. Monkeys have long been a symbol of the mind — nature of the mind, keeps moovingSwati Comes under the domain of planet Venus and ruled by Rahu. Venus shows materialistic life and Rahu amplified all the luxury and materialism. Venus and Rahu are friends, Rahu amplified Venus stuff it brings an enormous amount of materialistic luxury but they need to watch out over relationship issues. Business. Jupiter will not function well here because it is in its enemy sign and nakshatra. It will create materialistic unhappiness in married life and tends to give spiritual life.

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