Uttara Uttara

“Jnana maya mohini  , Sasthra   swaroppini,Uthra  phalguni   devi  , Sahaya kripe”

Oh Pretty star   filled with knowledge, who has the form  of Sastras, Oh Uthara  phalgini Devi, please take mercy and help me

Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra: Range 26°40’ Leo to 10°00’ VirgoRuling Planet: The SunDeity: Arayman, God of patronage.Symbol: Bed or legs of a cot.Gana (nature): Manushya (human).).Primary motivation:  Moksha (spiritual liberation).

Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra comes under in the domain of planet Sun and Mercury ( Leo 26°40′ to Virgo 10°00′) and ruled by planet Sun. Uttara Phalguni is the twelfth Nakshatra called ‘’The Later Reddish One’’ The Deity is Aryaman, who is the god of contracts, official business, and diplomacy. His name signifies “Life-Partner”, “close friend”, “Partner”, “play-fellow” or “companion”.He is the third son of Aditi, the mother of the Adityas, and is depicted as the mid-morning sun disk. Aryaman is often paired with the god Mitra, the god of friendliness. He gives smooth relations between countries and individuals and brings together a certain amount of propriety and formality. That is why it is also called the marriage star. Purva Phalguni is about attraction and courtship while Uttara Phalguni is about marriage. It is where you take that delight of the kingdom and all the stuff that gets generated and make it official like it becomes marriage. It is where the power becomes many little tasks that support that kingdom.

**** the animal that I painted is wrong, it’s not a camel. Animal Symbol of this star is supposed to be a Bull

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