Unclutch Unclutch

Misty eyes with secret smiles

That meant the world to me,

Uttered harsh words

Unheard sweet voice

I ‘m letting go.

Broken promises

And the barren look

Right to my eyes

Then into my heart,

Stories of my teardrops

Dew drops of my love

I’m letting go.

My deceived emotions

Moments of happiness,

The outrageous self hate

And my dark selfishness

I’m letting go.

Fake friends

Hurtful truths

I’m exhaling the blackness

Of heart and soul,


Hidden pearls of life

To travel the unseen lands

Feel the mystic river

Without cryptic waves.

Discover the real power

The energy within.

Breathe airs of freedom

Than mere existences.

With smile setting ripples

Of happiness

Relinquishing all fears.

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