Six yards Six yards

In the vermillion of the setting sun

I bloomed like the moon with a red edge

Mother’s voice sounded like little raindrops

Slipping down my trembling skin

I meant the world in her eyes

As a reflection of her entity

Her strong hand gathered even pleats

Settled into my navel’s twist

While tucking the soft pleats in

Freeing the butterflies to naked midriff

Six yards of feminine beauty and grace

Draped flawlessly along the curves of my body

My beauty sparkled from the inside out,

It gushed like a voyage down a long route.

Time turned me into a woman of pride

I decided to bring in a eternal smile to my face

I cried often, in quietness from pain,

The sores would rapidly heal leaving a scar

Bewildered in a masculine frame of time

Carefully carelessly draped six yards of energy

Changed its spirals with complexity to a shell of mine

Proclaiming its years of inner pain

Strangling and choking, stealing my breath.

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