Seasons of emotions Seasons of emotions

Slumbering under a wet blanket

On a bright summer day

Douses the sparkles of sensations

Making life dull and dark.

Wrapped up in a wet blanket

On a dewy winter night

Subdues the twinkling of shining stars

Dimming the grace of a starlit sky.

Draped in a wet blanket

On a leisurely autumn eve

Crafts a layer of fog over happiness

Depleting the colours of the season.

Hiding under a wet blanket

On a fresh spring morning

Smothers the whiff of the caressing breeze

Diminishing the splendor of blossoming blooms.

The Season of distressed emotions

Hardships and troubles impale us

Leaving life damp as a wet blanket

Making hope an absolute stranger.

Seasons are periods of reflection

To halt, ponder and introspect

No glitches trailed us in our entire journey

They are conspiracies of emotions foiling sunshine

Allow a gush of energy to flow through you

Washing away all struggles and pain out

Enjoying the seasons of life, in all their beauty and glory

Leaving your smile to brighten this world.

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