Rohini Rohini

“Moksha  pradhayini, Manjula  Bhashini  ,

Rohini devi  Sahayakripe”

Rohini Devi, the Goddess who grants  us salvation, who speaks sweetly, bless and help me

Rohini (10.00-23.20 Taurus) is a bright pale rose star – the Aldebaran. Rohini is ruled by Brahma, the Creator. Aldebaran happens to be one of the brightest stars in the celestial firmament and was thought of as the abode of Brahma. Rohini is the favorite wife of the Moon.

She has the power to “Make things Grow and Create”

Jamun trees  and a male snake are her attributes

Rohini daughter of Daksha was married to Chandra, the moon, along with twenty-six of her sisters. Her father had secured the promise that all of them would be treated equally from Chandra. However, Chandra favored Rohini above all and broke his promise to his father-in-law. 26 daughters went and complaint to their father about the indifferent approach of Moon. Daksha curses him and his life and Universe was at danger. Lord Shiva helped Moon and got a small relief from the curse, That moon has to travel to meet all of them and he will regain his life.That’s the story behind the phases of the moon

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