Queen of the ocean Queen of the ocean

I am the radiant Queen of the deep Ocean

Corridors of life are etched on my shell

With endless spirals entailing infinity

I possess this paradise of life

Hidden eternally in the blankets of blue waves

Color of my magnificence shines

Upon the crashing waves spreading Wisdom

Here I wait for the dawn’s first light

To make me glow with the clear sight

I shriek out my deep thoughts loud

When moonlight shimmers dim

Nostalgic melodies of my ocean

Moisten my eyes soaking the sorrows unsaid

I wait for its striking smile to soak myself in it.

Billowing winds, soaring the surface

Whipping my ocean wild.

Howling of an unleashed power

Deep down on the lack of light

I see horrific dragon fishes

Checking my breath.

I love the serene brutality of you,

Sending a thrilling electric pulse through me.

Rising the fear of being an empty shell

Losing the soul sheltered within my spiral shield

Leaving me just as a space

To drift way beyond my seashore

Transiting between the brutal hands.

I hold on to the lose sand

A boundary between Death and existence

Immersing myself into mid-sea of beryl hue

To my own depths bearing an ocean within

Believing I am the only queen of my glorious Sea.

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