Pushya Pushya

“Jeya vara varnani, jeya pradhayini ,

Shiva pushya devi  sahaya kripe”

Oh star   who has blessed and grants  victory,

Oh  Shiva  Pushya devi  , please  take mercy  and help me

Pushya – The Flower

“The Star of Nourishment”

Pushya (3.20 Cancer-16.40 Cancer) is a constellation of 3 stars that are not very bright. Pushya is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘pushti’ or nourishment. The nakshatra is ruled by Jupiter, the God of Divine Wisdom. The stars of the Pushya nakshatra were said to resemble a cow’s udder.

Deity: Brihaspati (the High Priest of the Gods/ Lord of Sacred Speech and Prayers. He was given the Lordship of Planet Jupiter by Shiva. He is also the Author of Books on Law and Politics. He is the Teacher of Jyotish and Astronomy. He gives Sustenance to Those around Him)

The wife of Brihaspati, Tara, who was the most beautiful woman in the universe, ran off with the Moon and would not come back. All the gods were up in arms, the universe was about to shut down, and finally, she was coerced to come back but she was already pregnant with the Moon’s child. She gave birth and the child was Mercury. The gods wanted for Brihaspati to send the illegitimate child away but Brihaspati loved and raised the child as his own. For him, regardless of how the child got there, he needs to raise, nurture, and give love to the child. This is a deep story of the Pushya energy.

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