Punarvasu Punarvasu

“Ambuja   Vasini  , deva  gana  sevitha,Punarvasu   devi   sahaya   kripe”

Oh Star who lives in a lotus flower, who is worshipped by groups of devas  Oh Punarvasu   Devi Please  bless and help me

Punarvasu – The BowPunarvasu (20.00 Gemini-3.20 Cancer) is ruled by the Mother Goddess, Aditi. This nakshatra constitutes the root of the energy of Jupiter and translates into the reappearance of goodness. Punarvasu is signified by abode, homecoming, residence, recurrence, etc. Punarvasu shows the transition from mutable Air to Cardinal Water, presided over by Jupiter, the God of the Sky

The deity is called Aditi, who is the mother of the Aditias. The Aditias are the incarnations of the Sun that were given to protect the Earth. There is a very deep Earth / divine mother energy in this Nakshatra of Punarvasu. The return of the light is this creative flow and energy that has returned now that we have made way for creativity after destroying what was making us weak. There is a lot of hope, optimism, and very high standards. Mother of the gods is the celestial mother, mother of the Dvadas Adityas or the 12 zodiac signs, Vivasvān, Aryamā, Pūṣā, Tvaṣṭā, Savitā, Bhaga, Dhātā, Vidhātā, Varuṇa, Mitra, Śakra, and Vishnu (Urukrama); mother of every existing form and being, associated with space (akasa) and mystic speech (Vāc); often seen as a feminized form of Brahma, associated with the primal substance (mula-prakriti); wife of sage Kashyap and gave birth to the Adityas such as Indra, Surya, and Vamana; compared to Usha and Prithvi, Aditi can be defined as the cosmic creator, the creativity of the all-creating. Diti the mother of the Daityas, represents the binding forces, the material principle, while Aditi (Anti-Diti) symbolizes freedom from fetters, sin, and sickness. Her son Varuna is the guardian of Rta, cosmic moral order. She is regarded as both the sky and earth goddess.

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