Pooram Pooram

“Durgathi naasini,dhoopa  prakasini,Jeya  poorva phalguni devi  , sahaya  kripe”

Oh star  which destroys bad fate, who lights  the incense,

Hail Poorva  phalguni devi , please take mercy and help me

Pooram /Poorvaphalguni (13.20 Leo-26.40 Leo) is ruled by Aryaman in the Vedic order, and Aryaman is the god of unions and contracts. It is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and arts. Poorvaphalguni is also known as the Bhagadaivata star which stands for development and creation.

Ruling Planet: VenusDeity: Bhaga, The God of prosperity, Shiva lingam.Symbol:  Swinging Hammock, couch, two front legs of a bed.

Deity: Bhaga (One of the 12 Adityas or Vedic Solar Deities is the God of Marital Bliss, Good Fortune, and Prosperity, God of Contracts and Unions, Bestower of Family Inheritance). Bhaga means the “Inherited Share” of the Communal Wealth and hence bestows Family Inheritance. The alternate Deity of this nakshatra is Shiva in the form of Shiva LingaIt is good to be the king — it is delightful, you have a lot of power and you delight in having that power. But what you do with the power is what determines whether or not the king or the kingdom flourishes. It is better when the kingdom flourishes because in that case, the Nakshatra of Purva Phalguni becomes very generous. It is where we give a lot of energy and give the wealth back to the kingdom so that the kingdom is wealthy, rather than take the wealth from the kingdom so that we become personally wealthy. Ponder that as a metaphor in your life to be a metaphor of generosity.

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