Pooradam Pooradam

Anu dhina sevitha  achyuthavara  prasaadha,

Poorvaashada  devi   , Sahaya  kripe””

Oh, star   who serves  Achyutha daily  and has been given boons,

Oh Poorvashada   Devi, Please take mercy and help me

Pooradam /Purva Ashadha Nakshatra: Range 13° 20’ Sagittarius – 26° 40’ Sagittarius.

Ruling Planet: Venus

Deity:  Apas, Varuna, God of rain,

Purva Ashadha Nakshatra comes under in the domain of planet Jupiter (Sagittarius) and ruled by planet Venus. Purva Ashadha is the twentieth Nakshatra called ‘’The Invincible Star’’. Purva Ashadha resides entirely within the constellation of Sagittarius and consists of two stars ( Kaus Borealis and Kaus Australis) which form the Archer’s bow.  The symbol is a fan or a winnowing basket, which rids corn of the husks. The ruling planet Venus reflecting the popularity of a person around a lot by the public. Purva Ashadha means “early victory” or the “undefeated, the unsubdued”. It is a creative, nurturing and healing Nakshatra

The Deity is Apas, the Cosmic Waters depicted as the casual waters spreading in all directions and giving rise to the affair of humanity.  Varuna is also mentioned residing deity due to its protection of the seas and the giving rain. God Varuna pervades all things, representing the inner law of higher truth. This also relates to the concept of spreading one’s name and fame throughout the world. Venus gives the power of intuition and other higher forces to the person. This greater sensitivity and alertness are the most important qualifications for transformation and for spirituality.

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