My twin soul My twin soul

When I saw you for the first time

My thoughts fill the space in between us

Two forms, two faces, two poles of life

Yet I felt the togetherness

My heart dances with the rhythm with stars

Far beyond the horizons, a mysterious flame

Flickers to the same silent music

My breath and thoughts caught in waves

Hammers me in remembrance

A presence that strike a familiar cord

Somewhere in past I sense you

Searching for that memory that buried in my soul

Quest for an answer in silence

Feeling incomplete alone, feels magnificent as one

Moments of togetherness, spreading light of purity to world

So calm, so quiet, too intense and pure

The truth widens the imagination like a poem with fragrance

My twin flame,miracle of my life a breathing crystal of mine Together again on earth, I found you, to search no more….

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