My Professional Journey

Beena Unnikrishnan is a high profiled professional, recognized as a serial entrepreneur through her career, pioneering some of the first in the industry. She has extensive experience of over 28 years across diverse multi-functional exposure ranging across sectors. 

Beena started her career in 1992 as an academician and now an entrepreneur, a healing practitioner, and a filmmaker. But above all else, she is an artist by blessing who, inspired by the call of the mystic traditions, is in a continuous quest at giving manifestation to the hues of the ethereal energy that brings balance to this world through Masculine and Feminine energy. As an artist, she has always worked towards reviving traditional art forms and fusion of arts. Career complemented with a passion for painting received appreciation and major accomplishments in the field of painting.

Prominent works from her elaborate portfolio as an artist include the series of the ‘Chausat (64) Yoginis’ depicting the aura of Shakthi with her demi-goddesses in all her manifestations. Through this series, she is spreading the wisdom of the power of femininity within.

The Nakshatra series, which is a set of 30 paintings, is yet another example of my experiments at amalgamating Tantra with art which encapsulates the correlation that exists between the journey of the moon and that of the soul; a visual representation of the ancient Indian science of astrology. 

She is the founder of Srishty an organization which brought together artist from economically backward society and trained them on space, energy, and colors. Srishty conducted exhibitions in different parts of India and overseas. She has organized a painting exhibition on space and energy, based on Fengshui for the first time in India. All those artists are currently renowned and well established. 

Beena is the recipient of the Senior Fellowship Award for my thesis on ‘Application of Cognitive Dynamics to Art in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients” from the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. Her paintings are based on her research in stimulating all the five senses and cognitive development, which is, in turn, a powerful medium of healing. 

She is, at present, the National President, Arts Leadership Council at WICCI, Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry. WICCI Arts Leadership Council is formed with a vision “Fostering a culturally vibrant nation through accredited growth of Art “to bring in financial literacy among artists thereby helping them create a sustainable career as an artist under a program “Economically Independent Women Artist” Economically Independent women artist was launched By Nitin Gadkari, Central Minister of Road Transport & Highways, Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Government of India. Our project is aimed to research and document the various art forms of India, educate and develop Art & Craft based industries and create 1000 women enterprises across India. Training and support programs will be conducted in 700 districts of India along with Micro Small and Medium Enterprises [MSME] a Government of India entity to create a million entrepreneurial opportunities for women artists by Dec 2022.

She has embarked upon the movie industry as a part of her inklings towards creativity and exploring a medium that can manifest an idea in a lifelike manner. She is the founder and CEO of Iris Green Films Pvt Ltd a Film Production company. “Maiya” was the flagship project of Iris Green Film is on elderly Loneliness. Her dream is to produce society-conscious motion pictures with an appropriate entertainment quotient to appeal to a worldwide audience. Also proactively engage with society to catalyze social transformation. Through her films, she endeavours to address social issues that were always the core identities of our culture but are being overlooked as we progress towards development 

Besides, she has directed and produced short films “Home is Where the Heart Is” and “Antaraal”, in 13 regional languages for the All Ladies League (ALL), India Cinema chapter. The venture aimed to reach out to the soul sisters of the ALL, pan India, and give them a chance to engage creatively to beat stress/ depression arising out of the present scenario of widespread pandemic and the resultant lockdown. 

Her business experience in trading across different continents and various products has given me splendid exposure and always equipped me with a global outlook in my entrepreneurial activities. She is a consultant of Sakthi Ferro group in Chennai which conglomerate in steel manufacturing. She has developed Steel trading in Venezuela to set up scrap yards and companies to cater to growing Indian demands. She is on the advisory board to US metals GmbH in Germany and Aum Metals Dubai to develop business within South America, Europe, and Asia 

She is also heading the women entrepreneur programs of Aakash, a pioneer in the field of bio– energy production to nurture the need of mankind globally relying on ‘Environment-friendly nature sources’ like bamboo plants. 

Beena is a part of Wellhomes developing Living spaces that embrace energy and sleep to improve Physical and mental health. She is working on infusing art and architecture to create healing spaces that will be awe-inspiring and spiritually uplifting. Wellcube’s first project of creating premiere urban wellness living spaces is strategically Located in Dubai will be a trendsetter for healthy living. 

She is gifted with a natural flair for communication, relationship building, mobilization of resources, and policies and procedures of different countries. She is presently a Business consultant for different companies for business development and Public Relations in India, UAE, Peru, Germany, Venezuela, Spain, Belgium, Bulgaria, and Poland. 

Her latest venture is a YouTube series “Beanstalk”, representing a distinct aspect of mystic sciences and their connection with our physical and subtle bodies. It is a thought-provoking series focusing on the power of energy within oneself. 

At the 2018 Annual Global Women Economic Forum [WEF] Beena was honored by the title Exceptional Woman of Excellence and at WEF Bangalore 2020 she was a recipient of the “Iconic women” creating a better world for all. She is am the recipient of the “Pride of Femineity “South India Iconic Women Summit by We [Women Exclusive] 2021 at Chennai.

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