My Pearl of Wisdom My Pearl of Wisdom

Beyond perception, beyond time

In the abode of unforeseen galaxies

Immersed in a realm of violet light

Within my mind, within my heart

Where I felt the silence of a morning dew…

The tranquil of a quiet sea…

My spirits danced in ecstasy

There I heard the whisper of hers

The cold tender touch around me

Looking up with faraway eyes

Her silver streaks of white hair

Radiating a serene dignity

And did I call her “Amma”?

I recall that face from my dreams

With eyes so sharp and deep,

With an aroma of a wild rose,

Her wrinkled skin was so smooth,

Like the finest knitted silk,

I reminisce the warmth of her smile so clear

I feel her so intimate, I hear her so near

Drenched in the magnanimity of her soul

I adore her words so firm and tough

There she gifted her priceless pearl to me

Where all my sorrows just become sublime

Bringing sparkle in my wearying eyes.

I said a little prayer along with her

Thanking her and the energies around me

For blessing me with her gentle love and trust.

For the Pearl of my heart, so divine and charming

That will mount my life up to the heavens

And I Promise to keep her pearl so precious With all my devotion, love and care.

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