Moola Nakshtra Moola Nakshtra

“Sankara  desika   Santha poorana,

Anna moola devi , Sahaya  krupe

Star who is filled with  the peace  of Sankara  the Guru,

Oh Moola  Devi of food, please  take  mercy and help me

Range (0 ° 00′ Sagittarius- 13 ° 20′ Sagittarius )

Ruling Planet: Ketu

Deity: – Nittriti, Goddess of destruction (Kali).

Moola nakshatra comes under the domain of planet Jupiter and ruled by Ketu. It is the most difficult nakshatra for the planets to be situated in, especially the Moon. It leads a person to the spiritual side by giving a painful situation in life.

Moola nakshatra is related to Goddess Kali pictures where Goddess Kali is chopping off the head of the demons.Here kali is actually chopping our ignorant behavior towards life.The heads of the demons are  our desire which is never-ending

Moola shows the quality of Sagittarius that is courageous fierce and independent.

Moola Nakshatra literally means root and it is where we pull things out by the roots. It comes after Scorpio and the section of the zodiac where we are very connected to life on Earth, where we have the two fixed signs from Leo to Scorpio. We are very fixed and solid here on Earth and our earthly accomplishments.

Story: The last sign-in that section of the zodiac is Scorpio which is where we become aware that we have no control (a big keyword for the fixed sign) over our life on Earth and especially how it feels to us. Scorpio is a fixed water sign and it is where we try to stabilize our emotions even though the emotions are always flowing. That creates lots of fears and stress.

Ardra is related to Shiva and Moola is related to Kali. If you have seen the pictures of the goddess Kali, she’s dancing on Shiva. Shiva is lying prostrate beneath her and she dances the wild dance of destruction. This deity was very feared in the Vedas. They were like asking the other gods to make Nirriti go away and not bring her around because she is going to change and transform everything.

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