Mirror Mirror

Time has sucked away all the mercury from my mirror

Leaving the mirror as a mere glass

Which cannot reflect my memories

Just like me, a mere glass

Traces of that fragrance

Why isn’t it fading away?

That laughs, cherry smiles, their naughtiness

Made my life more worthwhile.

That was the core of my life, my dreams, and my soul.

I was everything for them

When did it change?

I still can feel the coldness of that Iron Gate

One evening while sun was Basking through

They said “here after you don’t have to come

We will reach home by ourselves.

That day when I looked at myself in this mirror

I too felt that they were right

Let them be independent

And that’s what even I wanted

That was my last evening in their school

Life was just scrubbing dishes, windows and floors

As I move along life’s hard way

With struggles to make both ends meet

My entity was becoming disgraceful for them

They started moving away from me.

Leaving phone bells as a symbol of our bond

Fear cropped up at the sound of phone bells.

Bills !!! college ,books and tours

Piling and choking my breath

Piercing arguments

Unanswerable questions

Tugged at my heartstrings

I hold back my tears and feelings

Hoping that time will correct it one day

I held my breath as I watched them

They have learned to rise high and transcend

Pushing me behind

Blaming me as burden for their wings

Mirror, look at the wreck of my years

They are right

Withers my hair to white

my sunken eyes , my pale skin

I looked sternly at the warped figure in the mirror,

Now I am only a reminder of death

I don’t remember the day I reached here

Days, time, relatives have become strangers.

Children and memories faded away day by day

Leaving me and my mirror as life long companions

Just to remind me my identity.

Several times I wished that I could break this mirror

Even I don’t want to see myself

Just to remind me of my mere identity.

Tears has stopped streaming from my eyes

My mind is fragile and brittle as my wintered bones

Before the pain comes down through my ribs

I wish these bunch of pills takes me to the depth of sleep

With a hope that the rest stains of mercury of my mirror

Would have fallen melting away the traces of memories

But still I dream that someone will wake me up

With that gentle touch, that sweet sound, that fragrance

As a mother, don’t I have the right to dream that much?

Then I pray let them grow more precious and blessed With every passing day

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