Magayiram Magayiram

“Manthra nivasi , Chandra  pathni,

Mrigaseersha  devi , Sahayakripe”

One who resides in mantra who is the wife of Lord Chandra

Mrigaseesha Devi help and guide me

Magayiram /Mṛgaśira nakṣatra extends from after 23°20 in Vṛṣabha Rāśi/ Taurus up to 6°40 in Mithuna./Gemini. Star is governed by Mars and the presiding deity or God is a Chandra. Mrigasira is the initiator of the energy of Mars who is represented in the celestial firmament by a bright star and 3 relatively paler stars in the constellation Orion. Mrigasira’s constellation is in the form of a deer head.

Now the interesting story

The story reveals a shadow side of lord Chandra and his attraction to Jupiter’s wife Tara. Lord Chandra the handsome seduced Tara and did leave her back after she came to attend a Homa in lord Chandra  Place. This caused a tremendous uproar which made the Gods intervene and return Tara to Jupiter, however by that time Tara was Pregnant with moon’ child, the child’s name Budha /mercury. In the Vedas, it is written, ‘’out of the moon, the mind was born’’. That is the analytical mind of mercury is create out of the perceptual mind of the moon. Jupiter was aware of Budha’s illegitimate birth, but Jupiter found Mercury charming and agreed to accept him as his son and decide to father him anyway

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