Jyestha Nakshatra Jyestha Nakshatra

“Bharathi BHargavi  Manthra  Maya  Gopura,

Jyeshta    Devi, Sahaya kripe”

Oh, Goddess of learning, mother of Bhrugu, who is the tower of Manthras,

Oh Jyeshta   Devi, Please  have mercy on me


The last Nakshatra in this section of the zodiac is Jyeshtha which is from 16:40 to 29:59 Scorpio.

Deity: Indra

Ruler: Mercury

Jyeshtha Nakshatra comes under the domain of planet Mars (Scorpio) and ruled by Mercury. Jyeshta is the eighteen lunar mansions. It contains a brilliant three red star. These three stars are known as alpha-Scorpions (Antares), which is located near the heart of Scorpion. Jyeshta translates as the senior-most, the eldest, the chief. Jyestha symbolized which has seniormost in many; the oldest, the most powerful, the most praiseworthy. The symbols for Jyeshtha are an earring and an umbrella means protection to loved ones. The earring is a symbol of vishnu s discus, and the umbrella symbolizes protection and status. Jyestha is the eldest queen of the Moon, who jealous of Rohini Moon’s younger beautiful wife. Therefore this Nakshatra relates to jealousy and betrayal. The chief deity is Indra, the king of the demigods he is known as the king of the sky.  He is the divine warrior and dragon slayer (to kill violently). In mythological story lord, Indra was also an example for his daring, courageous, powerful, charismatic, and glorious nature. Jyeshta shows the courageous nature of Scorpio but also where violent, doubtful or uncertain and hidden nature and hidden power exist here

Jyeshtha is ruled by God Indra who is the king of the gods. This is called the star of warfare and it is about doing battle over the righteous cause. The great story of Indra is he allowed himself to be swallowed by the dragon who stole all the water from the Earth. Then he cut his way out of the belly of the dragon in order to restore all of the water to the Earth. There is a lot of emotional courage and the willingness to even perhaps dive for our principles thinking that we can still slice our way out of any difficult situation in this Nakshatra.

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