Finding My Resolve Finding My Resolve

In the days following, all the events that had come to pass in the last five years that I had known him and my last meeting with him at his residence the evening before he passed away, kept reminiscing in my mind. At this juncture, the easiest thing for me to do was to abandon project ‘Maiya’. I had all the reasons and excuses lined up to make the exit seem rational and logical. We had no finance to move ahead and the person who had mentored me to steer the project, was no more and I had no clue as to how I could continue. But, for some reason Dr Alex wanted me to do this film and his last words to me about the project were that he would make a comeback through ‘Iris Green Films’ and I had assured him that we would make it happen. I also remembered his words that “he is always going to be there with me, all the way” and in that, I found my reason to continue.

Looking back, it seems, I may have been a bit carried away by my sentiments. Though words and promises may not be virtues that are of value in the era that we live in, I felt that I owe it to his memory to strive and complete what he had desired for me to do. I wonder at times as to the vision he must’ve had, to fulfil which he wanted me to get into the film industry. But I realised that it was my ‘dharma’ to walk the path he wanted me to explore. I discussed the proposition of continuing the project with Unni, my husband and he was worried about how we would put together the finance required for our endeavour. I told him that I believed in what Dr Alex had always said, that “money will come, I just had to continue doing my part and not give up”. I informed Anil about my decision, which was a welcome news for him, because as far as he was concerned, there was no going back, as he had already spent almost a year and had also invested quite an amount of money in it. So, after all that had transpired, Project Maiya was a ‘GO’.

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