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Synergize your space and your life

Energy is a profound subject that has always attracted me as a person. I feel connected with my soul, and it has always taken me towards enhancing, energizing, and healing. Life took me through its course, where I became a Reiki Healer and an Energy Painter. I completed My fellowship in Art and its impact on Cognitive Development. I firmly believe in conscious living and conscious working spaces.

Energies, both positive and negative, are present all around us, which could be sensed. For example, we all wish to have a home/office that rejuvenates us and makes us feel calm and comfortable.

Each one of us has an intrinsic pull towards energies. Unfortunately, though unintentional, we tend to collect objects that obstruct positive energy flow between the environment and us. As a result, particular things that we use in our home/office can be unfavorable for our wellbeing, causing anxiety, dissatisfaction, and stress, among many other problems.

Cleansing the negative energies will attract health, prosperity, and love. Therefore, striking the perfect balance between Space and Energy is very important. “Art” acts as a window to enhance the energy around us. “Energy Art” is an expression of energy that uses colors, forms, and compositions to create expressive and inventive works of Art that resonate within us.

It is necessary to understand that the energies within a space affect the people who occupy it. A person’s environment directly influences to build a firm foundation for a healthier body and mind. A vivid innovative workspace can make the employees more productive. Synergizing Spaces and Art is my passion, and I love “Reshaping” surroundings according to the right energy and aesthetics. Harmonizing those energies in space will take us closer to fulfilling our dreams.


– Shri. Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India

Art for me is an emotional connect. It stimulates curiosity, interest, memories, thoughts, feelings and faith.
Art has the power to change the world and I definitely believe that Beena Unnikrishnan’s Art has the power to heal, touch and connect many lives all over the world and her Ganesha painting was a very special gift that I received from Beena, which brought in so much of positive changes into my work place and has touched my life in a big way. Thank you Beena.

– Ms. Sakina Ansari

I was looking for a vibrant painting to hang up on the wall. After in-person searching and not finding anything suitable, I came across Beena Uninikrishnan’s website. Being a doctor, even though I had less knowledge about art, I was so amazed by the incredibly gorgeous and moving pieces of art she had created. I could not even begin to pick a favorite. They were all so lovely and filled with so much of a sense of energy & emotion. I ordered one of the paintings which I found pleasing. I received the painting, in perfect condition. A stunning piece of art to see in person and I couldn’t be more pleased. The colors are vibrant, exactly as they were depicted, and it looks great on the wall. Thank you, Beena!

-Dr.Shaji Hameed Indira

“Baba has decided to come to you. He is reaching you on your birthday. Well, actually two days ahead of your birthday”-Said Beena On 20th October 2014 to me after she handmade my favourite Sai Baba to reach out to me for life. The artistic hand of Beena is not visible in the painting – for me in fact, the painting itself is still not visible; it is Him for me. That’s the best thing about this whole precious gift. I think her fantastic strokes for this are handheld and created by Baba himself through Beena. He created Himself. He is right there talking to me, smiling at me and looking at me forever. I’ve surrendered to Him. Thank you Beena.

– Mr. Rajkumar Periasamy (Movie Director)

I’ve known Beena Unnikrishnan for years and the amazing artist she is. I requested a painting by her for my house, and without any hesitation, she agreed to it. Within a week or two, she sent me this beautiful piece of art, which carried some sort of energy with it. Ever since I hung it up on the wall of my house, it’s always good things happening. I feel very fortunate to own the very first creation of this inspiration.

– Ms. Roopa Upadhyaya

Creations of Ms. Beena Unnikrishnan have a vibrant use of colours and hues that radiate a lot of positive energy and vibrations. Her work is both aesthetically magnificent and powerful while still maintaining its serenity, bringing about a soothing and calming effect. I have found all her work to have a perfect blend of colours, geometric shapes, and vivid expressions. They are all simply astounding.

-Ms. Ashwini Krishnan

I am so happy to have Beena Unnikrishnan on our unique urban wellness real estate concept project ‘Tranquil’ as our Advisory Board. We will have Energy Art customized for every apartment and the common areas of the building to generate positive energy in the entire building.

WellcubeTM is a boutique urban wellness real estate hospitality company committed to building world-class wellness infrastructure by converging the finest wellness technologies and practices. ‘Tranquil’ opens up the opportunity of investing in a ‘ first of its kind ‘ fully serviced wellness residence in one of the most celebrated neighborhoods of Dubai.

Located adjacent to Al Khail Avenue Mall, at the junction of 4 major business districts of Dubai, ‘Tranquil’ will be the first well-Certified Building in the region. The company introduces a novel wellness concept in an urban setup converging the latest wellness technologies and holistic lifestyle experiences with the fusion of eastern and western practices.

– Mr. Karthik Tinnium Ramachandran

For more info contact me at, me@beenaunnikrishnan.com or WhatsApp +91 8056033723

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