Dreams to Reality Dreams to Reality

The wild sun above had fired his furnace

While the moon and the wind smiled in cold nights

I dragged myself, crept, hung upside down

Entrapped in the darkness

Gazed outside- vision blurred

Nothing other than darkness around

 I blinked with grief and despair

Through the smog of fear

In the deepest depths

While starving for a spark of radiance

And to paint them with colors that has been unseen

I, aroused by the refracted hues

With a hymn of tranquil wind that touched me

I flickered at that impulse

A dream of reality, out of my cocoon I emerged

 Unfolding my graceful, mantle of silken wings

As meadows engulfed in orange, blue and purple flowers

Forgetting the glory and beauty of my wings

I fly high with pride aiming to kiss the sky

Rejoice in the prodigy, and reconnection.

Soaring in the tepid spring air, fluttering in the clouds Where all seems so bright and right.

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