Chitra Chitra

Radha gaja thuraga  padhadh sevaka ,Sasthra  maya  chithraa devi , Sahaya  kripe

Oh star  having  chariots, elephants, horses, and infantry as   servants, Oh Chithra Devi  pervaded   with Sasthras, please take  mercy and help me

Chitra Nakshatra: Range 23°20 Virgo – 06°40 Libra

“The Star of Opportunity” Symbol: Bright Jewel or PearlRuling Planet: MarsChitra comes under the domain of (Virgo 23 20’ to Libra 6 40’) and ruled by planet Mars. Chitra is ‘’The Star of Opportunity’’ is beautifully reflected by the fixed star Spica. It is symbolized by the brilliant jewel or pearl. Chitra means ‘’the brilliant’’, “the beautiful” or “the bright”. It reflects the many, variegated colors. Chitra also translates as a painting or work of art suggesting ‘’pretty pictures’’.

Deity: Tvashtar, the celestial architect.

Deity: Tvastar or Vishvakarma (The Celestial Architect, Divine Engineer and Cosmic Craftsman of the Universe, The Designer of the Weapons, Celestial Chariots and Spacecrafts of the Warriors in Mythology, Master of Maya and Magic, He is Creative Sculptor and Designers of the Ornaments and Protective Armour of the Gods and Goddesses)

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