Celebration of Life Celebration of Life

Red, green, yellow and pink

A riot of colors around me

Colors of life

Shades, tints, and hues of blue

A pure pigment of the Color Wheel

Drifted onto my canvas

Dark blue the  “true blue”

The color of my male in me

Melts in me enhancing the wisdom

The color of true contentment

Empowering me with integrity,

Blue the color of air that I breathe

Portraying the trust and devotion of transparency

Inspiring the selfless love and fidelity as the sky

Blue the color of my spirit,

Inducing that calmness and peace

Like the Bottomless ocean

Tint of blues so serene and sedative

Holding my conscious and subconscious

So dynamic and dramatic

Blue the colour of my last breath

The celebration of my life

Signifying the divinity of you in me

Merging in you completely.

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