Attam Rasi Attam Rasi

Hana hara  Sahaya

Aananda  poojitha,Labha   hastha  devi  , Sahaya  kripe”

Oh Star who helped in the killing “of asuras, who is worshipped with joy, The Hasatha Devi of profits, Please take mercy and help me.

Hasta /AttamRasi (Zodiac): Virgo  Sign(s)/Degrees: 10:00 – 23:19 VirgoRuling Planet: Moon

“The Golden Handed Star” Symbol:  Hasta literally means “hand” and the symbol is an open hand. It shows where we have skilled hands which are related to action and karma. There is not a lot of attachment in Hasta. It is where we can delight in doing God’s work in the highest sense. When we see our hands as God’s hand, which means our hand doing God’s work, then it becomes service. It is that part of Virgo that is very service-oriented naturally and very much about wanting to see that everyone is comfortable and is manifesting here on Earth

Deity: Savitur (One of the 12 Aditya and the name Translates as the “Golden Handed” Everything He Touches Turns to Light. He is the Giver of Life and Assists with Child Birth. He has the ability to manifest what we are seeking and Place it our Hands. He is the giver Creative and Transforming Energy. He Rules over Mantras & Divine Words. He also is the Source fo the Procreative Energy of All Beings and is Worshipped in the Greatest Vedic Mantra the ‘Gayathri”. Savitur is also associated with all the Divine Weapons used by the Gods in the Battle. He is the Solar God of Inspiration)This whole section of the zodiac is really populated by a lot of deities that are called the Adityas. Remember that the Nakshatra of Punarvasu was ruled by a god called Aditi, the mother of the Adityas. Those were the deities that protect the Earth and one of them is Savitur.

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