Anuradha/Anizham Anuradha/Anizham

“Chandra  Prakashini  , Gandharva  Ghana  maya,

Anuradha    devim  Sahaya  kripe”

Oh Star who shines like the moon   who is filled with the song of Gandharvas,

Oh Anuradha Devi, Please have mercy on me

Anuradha /Anizham is from 3:20 of Scorpio until 16:39 of Scorpio.

Deity: Mitra

Ruler: Saturn

Anuradha literally means following Radha and it is a very devotional Nakshatra. It is related to the goddess Radha who is the consort of Lord Krishna. Radha was not Krishna’s lover, she was his friend. This sort of ‘god as the divine friend’ is very important in Anuradha Nakshatra.

Anuradha Nakshatra comes under in the domain of planet Mars (Scorpio) and ruled by planet Saturn.

Anuradha is the seventeenth Nakshatra called ‘’The Star of Success’’. Anuradha contains three stars in the body of the Scorpion including Alpha Centauri, the closest star to our solar system. Anuradha is symbolized by a lotus flower, reflecting the ability to blossom in the midst of life trials and tribulations

The deity is called Mitra which literally means friend, friendship, or friendliness. Mitra rules Anuradha and it shows that friendliness and friendship that is a hallmark of this Nakshatra. Lord Mitra and learning how to anchor the heart and stabilize the emotions on those solid structures rather on things that have to do with our own needs

Mitra, in the pantheon of Vedic Hinduism, one of the gods in the category of Adityas, sovereign principles of the universe. He represents friendship, integrity, harmony, and all else that is important in the successful maintenance of order in human existence. He is usually paired with the god Varuna, the guardian of the cosmic order, whose powers he complements as guardian of the human order. As the spirit of the day, he is sometimes depicted with solar characteristics. His Iranian counterpart is Mithra, who eventually came to be worshipped as the god of one of the great mystery religions, Mithraism.

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