A Rainbow of Friendship A Rainbow of Friendship

Sitting here and thinking how

my life much richer is now

Rainbows created my imagination

as it arched across the sky

I cannot portray you in words that

You left right down into my soul

Your face with serenity and grace like

Strokes of vivid colors in my painting

The loving gestures that

you shower on those who passed by

Your kind and serene temperament,

Your softly spoken words,

Your charming innocent smile,

That touches the hearts.

You always have gentle word

to calm and soothe the minds

Your smile and laugh that twinkle

With the elate of your energy,

The manner you lights up a space …

with the sparkles of your eyes.

I search to find some words anew …

Just to tell you how I feel about you.

I could not get any words or colors

that would express my mind.

I sense as I am reunited with my

Childhood friend who  grew up with me.

It has never been so profound I think I have found a lifetime friend.

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