Beena Unnikrishnan

The universe revolves around two principles. Life, that is Purusha and Prakiriti which is matter. I create art that evokes the Prakiriti and Purusha in you.

Inspired by my union with ethereal energy, my paintings are an expression of the bond between the male and the female principles of the universe. Life, that is Purusha (male) and Prakriti (female) which is matter. I create art that ignites the Prakriti and Purusha in you. All manifestation of this universe is merely the interplay of the masculine and feminine. When I paint, my creations take me to a meditative and mystical plane. I paint with no preconceived ideas. I allow the energy to flow through me and express itself on my canvas.I am a tantric artist. I use the technique to expand and distill energy from the realm of pure consciousness to art which is apparent. Tantra is the weaving of a web; A web comprising of everything in the universe. Interrelated and interconnected. Through my art, I learn and inspire you to live a more authentic and fulfilling life. How? By helping you bond with your creative wisdom. Using this technique of Tantra my art opens you up to a realm of possibilities that lie in your dormant energy.  

a Tantra /system of opening up your brainpower to all its possibilities without doubts


I combined my expertise in Reiki, an ancient healing technique, and my experience as an artist during a research stint with my mentor. We delved deep into the topic of the role art plays in preventing dementia.  

It was rewarding to study the relationship between the philosophy & psychology of the human mind. Especially towards “externalist” models of perception and cognition.

Through my research fellowship on “Application of Cognitive Dynamics through art in Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients”, I learned that art stimulates all the 5 senses and this realization changed my perception towards my paintings. 

I started utilizing images and colors that have psychological and behavioral effects on the observer. As a creator, I have felt the impact and influence of my art on my mind and soul. This allows me to have an even deeper connection with colors on my palate. 

My Projects

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